Monday, 1 April 2013

PS2 Classics GUI v2.0

PS2 Classics GUI 2.0 is now available
The new version now allows to create the PKG with custom images and text.
Drag & drop the images (jpg, bmp, gif, tif or even a PARAM.SFO) or paste an image from the clipboard or select the images using the open dialog, and the program will create the images with the proper dimensions when the "Make PKG" button is pressed.

Changes in 2.0:

- New tab for creation of PS2 packages with custom icons and background.
(drag & drop or open any image and the program will create the images in the proper size)

Changes in 1.7:
- Solves some issues with the file associations.
- Verifies if the file system accepts the file size (>4GB) and if there is enough free space.
- Improved the LIMG segment detection/patching before the encryption.
- Added option to auto rename the PKG to title name + [title id], instead of the content id as name.

Download HERE

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